09/28/16 Recap

My only trade today was RGSE.  I missed a lot of other killer plays today due to my attention being glued on this stock.


I closed my RGSE position for a profit of $894.25.  This is not a trade I am proud of though like I mentioned yesterday.  I went on quite a ride and risked a margin call.  When this stock went para this morning I admit I was nervous.  I had to walk away from my computer most of the day because I could not stand to see any upticks.  I had a chance on the pull in the morning to cover for about 2K profit, but I wanted to hold out for more so I did not cover and then the stock went para.  I painfully waited for it to come back red on the day.  Even though I did not catch the bottom and could have covered for more gains, I decided enough was enough.

Honestly, I got lucky here.  I have seen other traders on twitter that blew up their accounts on this stock.  This trade was a harsh reminder on the importance of respecting my trading rules and stop losses.  Those rules are there to protect me and keep me in the game.  I was faced today and yesterday with the stark reality that I might have to put my dream of trading on hold due to a blown up account.  I don’t want to ever do that again!  I am moving forward with renewed conviction on staying true to my rules… and counting my blessings that I live to trade another day.


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