10/11/16 Recap

Today I traded MCUR and TWTR.  -$1215 on TWTR.  MCUR I held overnight.


I am very frustrated with my trades on TWTR.  I first went long after the morning wash.  It was a perfect entry and I was up about $1000.  It then reversed and instead of cutting off at brake even I decided to keep my stop at low of day.  It broke that hard and I had some bad slippage on the sale.  It covered for over a $600 loss.  It was a mistake to not sell at brake even.  I then tried long another time but it kept going lower so I sold.  I tried a third time and it was a great entry.  It ramped to VWAP but then pulled again.  This time I sold when it hit my break even.  Two cents after that break even sell it ramped right back and hit the area where I planned on taking my profits.  I could have made back all those losses and then some but I got faked out by two cents.  SOOOOOO frustrating.  Some great entries with size, but poor decisions on sell executions killed this trade.

MCUR I went short in the morning.  I chased some short expecting it to crack and go red but of course it did not.  It ramped right back.  I had room to add so I decided to add short on this pig, all within my risk ranges.  I planned on keeping this thing short overnight so I am still short.  I would not mind a ramp to 2 in the AM to add more short then I would be looking for it to fail and go red.




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