4/11/17 Recap

+$1807 today which is great, but it’s one of those days where I’m disappointed with my performance.

My initial trade on MOMO today was perfect!  It played out exactly as I had planned.  We got a gap up and quick push to $39.  I shorted into that missing the very top on my last entry by just 2 cents and covered in two pieces on the pull.  The pull was much bigger than expected.  Where I messed up though was not re-shorting on the bounce too and reject of VWAP.  Honestly, I was a little nervous because it held 37.80 a few times.  I feared it based, but when it pulled below VWAP again I should have piled on short again.  I just sat there staring at.  I did put in a few orders but then canceled them.  I then tried the bounce with the market, but I got nervous again and canceled my order.  I am not sure what was wrong with me on this play and why I was so skittish after my first short.  My emotions got the best of me here and I missed out on what could have easily been a $3,000+ play.

PLUG was a similar story.  My plan was to short into a new high of day on the bounce off VWAP.  I was watching it closely and when the time came I chickened out of the short.  I even saw the HUGE sell order on the level two at 2.70 where it stuffed, but I just sat there and did not get in.

NADL was a miss as well but I honestly wanted higher before I jumped in.  I knew this had the potential to really run.  I don’t regret missing this one.

For some reason, I was more emotional in my trading today.  I am not sure why, but we all have days like this.  Unfortunately, however, it cost me ALOT in missed gains.  $1807 is a great day and I am grateful for those gains, I just know how much better I could have done.  That is why I am disappointed with my performance today.


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