7/19/17 Recap


-$1,880 today.  I got ran over on AEZS due to a really stupid mistake.  I also traded XCO and MYSZ.

I was trading AEZS this morning and was down just $170 on it, but was up for the day due to my other good trades.  I took one last shot on it before I had to go to my kid’s swimming lessons.  Right before I left I was up a few hundred $’s.  Instead of just locking it in, I decided to keep the position on and placed a cover order at my profit target.  For some odd reason, I did not place a stop loss order when I left my house.  I also had an add order I had at 2.08 that I did not think to cancel.  I then left for my kid’s swimming lessons.  This is where in the story you can slap me in the face for absolute stupidity!!  I honestly don’t know what I was thinking.  I guess I was naively confident it was done running… who knows!  I usually alway use range orders if I have to step away, but this time I didn’t and it killed me.  By the time I got back home I was down over $6500 on AEZS which I covered when it broke the then HOD of 2.64.  Instead of getting mad, I zeroed in on some good shorts.  I ended up making back just under $4000 of the loss which I am very happy with.  So the loss today is well deserved and lesson learned.

XCO was not my best trading either today.  I had two great short entries then I let comments from investorslive and others in that chat room, sway my trading plan and scare me out of the shorts.  Had I just stuck to my plans I would have been dead on with both shorts and would have been up well over $1500 on the plays today.  Just dumb.

I guess I really do need that break to clear my head sooner than I thought!



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