11/17/16 Recap – My New Best Profit Day

I don’t even know what to say I am still in shock.  I just had my best profit day ever.  Beating my last best day by over 8K!  +12,628 after commissions. TOPS, SHIP, EGLE.


In reality the huge win is bitter sweet.  I broke some of my trading rules to get this win, allowing myself to get stubborn and hold past my stops.  It was calculated of course as I knew this big tank day was coming.  The thing is though I risked blowing up first to get here.  I could have just as easily been taken out of the game.  That risk is not acceptable.

What I did right today was stay patient on taking my gains.  After all, I had waited this long anyway right!  I set my profit targets and I let the exits come to me.  I also didn’t add today.  What, wait you say, but you would have made even more had you added… yes but my risk would have increased to an unsustainable level if these pigs continued to fly.  And lastly, I stayed incredibly calm through the entire trade these past few days.  I did not let myself get emotional or upset. I kept a clear head.  I made a decision to hold these and I stuck to it without regrets despite the risk.  No doubling down or emotional covers. No yelling at my screens or beating myself up occurred!  That’s a huge win!

I am beyond grateful for this win.  It has taken over an hour to stop shaking from the adrenalin rush.  But I also recognize that I must continue to work on my week link of stubbornness to better control my risk.  I have to be able to trust myself to stop out of plays.  That trust will be the key to taking my trading to the next level.

I will be doing some serious soul searching to try and improve my trading moving forward.  My goal is to beat this best day ever, without breaking any rules!