Here is a list of FAQs that I get the most questions about.  I will continue to add more info to this list.

What broker do you use?

I use CenterPoint Securities and have two accounts with them.  One account with Vision clearing and a second with ETC clearing.  I find having two accounts with different clearing firms to be extremely valuable.  I started with an Interactive Brokers account but did not like how borrows could become unavailable in the middle of a trade so I closed the account once I opened my second CenterPoint account.

What charting platform do you use?

Currently, I am using TradeStation for my main charts and level II.  I love their level II and their scanner.  It is those two things that keep me from switching 100% to DAS for charts.  However, I do like the DAS charts and I also use them throughout the day.  I just wish the level II was better.

What Scanner do you use?

I use the scanner that is built into the TradeStation platform.  I use it throughout the day and at night to build my watch lists.  I have my scans pre-programed in there with my scanning criteria.  The scanner is real time with no delays.  Many traders I know use for scanning at night--its free.  The free version has a 15 minute delay so its not the best for intraday scanning.  During the trading day however, I primarily use alerts from the Investors Underground chat room to find stocks that are running.

What is your trading setup?

You can see pictures of my trading desk here.  My computer is nothing fancy.  It is a Lenovo desktop running Windows 10 Home edition.  It has an i3-3240 CPU, 3.40GHz and 6 GB of RAM.  I use 3 ASUS LED monitors.  I did have to install an aftermarket graphics card to run the 3 monitors which is a Nvidia graphics card.  I also have a CyberPower 1500VA UPS for back up power and surge protection. The computer works well enough to run all my trading software but it can bog down a bit if I do much more then that.  No streaming videos while I trade!