October Recap and Goals for November

I am ending October with a small loss of -$1,485 and ending my 3 month winning steak as well.

The good:  My average green day this month was really good… $723.  I was able to have the most number of days over $1,000 than I have ever had.  I did better this month at adding to some winners.  I only had 4 red days.

The Bad:  I got stubborn on one of my red days, resulting in a $6,586 loss.  That single day killed me this month.  Had I stopped at my max daily loss # I would have ended this month in the green by over $3,000.

I have just two goals for November that I am going to focus all my attention on.  1)  Eliminate stubbornness on taking losses!  2)  Eliminate trying to force profits.  I need to listen to the price action and NOT make decisions based on my P&L.  These are my week links and I will work on them until they are eradicated!

Sure I am sad that I am ending this month red, however when looking back to the beginning of the year I am incredibly proud of my progress.  My consistency has dramatically improved.  My number of red days have gone from half the month to no more then 4 or 5 a month over the past 7 months.  I am taking bigger positions and having bigger wins.  When taking into consideration the data for the entire year I can see improvment.  I feel like I am so close to taking my trading to another level and there is one thing that will take me to that next step… overcoming my two current week links!  I just know that if I can master my two goals I will start to see more success.  For this reason these goals will be my main focus until I have them in check!