September 2016 Trading Recap

September is now in the books.  I am closing September up $6,246!  That is my best month yet, since starting to trade full time at the beginning of this year.

My average green day was $719, average red day was -$906, and daily average of $312.  I had just 5 red days.

What I did right:  I had good consistency this month and controlled my losses.  For the most part I controlled my losses and worked on preventing stubborn holds.  I worked on adding to my winners which helped increase profits (though I still have a lot of work to do in that area).  I also tried to keep on a piece of a position for further downside.  I did a good job at taking better position sizes relative to the range of the stock.

What I did wrong:  I have a tendency to let my P&L influence my decision making.  It can be hard for me a times to hold a position longer when I am green and it starts to move against me. I did have one stubborn hold this month on RGSE which was unacceptable.  I did really well with being patient on my entries all month except for the last week.  This caused some headaches.

Goals for October:  I really want to focus on scaling into my winners.  I am having great consistency, but I need to work on making those wins bigger through proper scaling.  Patients on my entries is going to also be a focus of mine this month.  And lastly, I want to end October being able to say that I did not brake any of my rules through stubbornness.

I am excited for October.  I am hoping for another record month!